Matt’s Canadian Adventure #7 – The Epilogue

Happy Canada Day!

To wrap up the Canadian Adventure posts (because while it was an awesome holiday, I’ve really got to mentally get back to the UK), here are a few random snippets:

  • ‘Iggypoppleganger’ isn’t a word but it should be.
  • Toronto has many cute waitresses. Yeah, I noticed, I’m a guy, sue me.
  • My geek cred is confirmed by seeing a steakhouse called Bardi’s, and immediately noticing how much it looked like TARDIS…
  • The Canadian Weather Channel really do love their weather. It’s the first time a weather forecast has made me suffer from information overload.
  • Dude dressed as Batman in Dundas Square may have been a bit cool, but I want to know why he wasn’t tracking down criminal scum.
  • I rode in a limo for the first time. Not a stretch limo, but a limo all the same.
  • I also blagged a conversation about the World Cup with an elderly Chinese guy running a frozen yogurt stand. I felt highly unpatriotic.
  • Rock salt on chocolate brownies shouldn’t work, but it does.
  • There’s something hugely relaxing and life-affirming about wandering around the Taste of Little Italy Festival on a gorgeous sunny afternoon.
  • Teenagers getting busted by the cops for having a bong shouldn’t have been funny…. But it was!
  • If I wasn’t a Brit, I’d want to be Canadian.

2 thoughts on “Matt’s Canadian Adventure #7 – The Epilogue

  1. istheby

    I’m happy to hear you liked Canada (my home).
    Toronto is awesome!
    About “Iggypoppleganger”: I tried googling it, but the only result was your post, so I guess it means something along the lines of Iggy Pop Doppelganger?
    In that case, my sister and I play this game we call Doppelganger Hunting (which isn’t quite as amazing as it sounds); we keep our eyes open for people who look like celebrities/people we know/etc.
    The most amazing one was when we were on a street car in Toronto (where else?) and as we passed Degrassi street, we realized that the guy across the aisle from us looked like the character in the TV show “Degrassi TNG”, this guy now has launched a hip-hop career and is called “Drake”. Maybe it was him, maybe not.
    live long and prosper

    1. matthewhyde Post author

      I didn’t realise Degrassi Street was in Toronto!
      The ‘Iggypoppleganger’ thing was the result of Iggy Pop playing the NXNE festival in Dundas Square in June. We went to see it, but we were so far at the back we couldn’t really see him. At one point earlier we thought he walked past us, but it could have been a lookalike… And, as my friend Dave said, an Iggy Pop lookalike would be an Iggypoppleganger… 🙂


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