Library Advocacy Day 2010

I’ve posted on libraries before, so I don’t want to repeat myself.  However, I was surprised to learn that yesterday was the USA’s Library Advocacy Day; surprising because they’re talking about libraries – surely they’re a fundamental part of the community? We don’t have car park advocacy or school advocacy do we?

Well, that’s my naivity taking things for granted, because on Monday Fox News published "Are libraries necessary or a waste of tax money?", and, it being Fox News, you can pretty much guess which side of the fence they came down on. It’s gratifying to note that the comments at that link tear the author a new one, but it’s worrying that this is even an issue. The conspiracy theorist in me wants to link it to the Murdoch empire’s war on anything that looks like free information (they don’t like the BBC much either), but that might be giving them too much credit, in terms of organisation more than desire.

Fortunately there are eloquent voices speaking out on behalf of libraries – Neil Gaiman used his recent Carnegie Medal win to pay tribute to the work of librarians, and there’s a nice piece on library closures in the US over at the Huffington Post. And if that isn’t enough, I’m sure the Librarian can arrange for some strategically flicked peanuts to hit the right targets…


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