Pre-emptive Canada Blog

Not sure when I’ll next update – I’m sure they have the internet in Canada, but I fully expect to be fighting jet lag and moose. So in order to cover the next week of blogging, I thought I’d launch a pre-emptive strike…

So, Canada! The weather here is great / okay / awful / like the Book of Revelation. Flight was smooth but boring / turbulant and rough / hijacked, but hey we made it / got held up at customs / ended up on a mysterious island inhabited by monsters. So that worked. Hotel is good / horrible / missing.

Anyway, we went up the CN Tower / on a trip to Niagera Falls / to prison, which was a real experience, especially when we met the Canadian Hockey League cheerleading team / William Shatner / Bubba. And it ended with a helicopter ride / with deportation / in fire, so that was awesome / bad / epic fail.

The trip back was fine / hideous / full of moose. So that was cool / boring / full of moose, and we’re sad to be back / glad to be back / suffering from moose wasting syndrome. Woooo!

(DISCLAIMER – Some of these may not have happened.)


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