I want a polar bear…

Well, their volcano may be causing Europe-wide travel chaos, but at least Iceland still has a sense of humour. In recent elections, the Best Party won six out of fifteen seats on the city’s council, based on a platform of opening a Disneyland at Reykjavik airport and getting the local zoo a new polar bear.

Problem is, now they’ve got to follow through on that; they may be a joke party, but Reykjavik wants that polar bear. Remind me to keep an eye on the progress of this; given that UK politicians have mainly promised us an eternity of public sector cuts, I’ve taken this polar bear to heart…

(Edited to add – I’ve just realised I don’t get joke parties. I mean, you want to satirise the politicial system, fine. But get this – you run for office, you become part of that system – you’re no longer the trickster outsider dancing around the sidelines throwing revelationary barbs at the power-brokers, instead you stand, you win and you enter the story, maybe even as the hero. Otherwise you’re in the way. According to their Wikipedia entry – and bear in mind I can’t verify this due to my inability to read Icelandic – they’re not going to honour any of their election promises. Okay, it’s a satire thing, so maybe we shouldn’t expect them to, but in a world where trust in politicians is rock bottom, maybe the most trickster-like thing a joke party could do is actually deliver a polar bear to the zoo. Irony is fine; polar bears are better…)


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