Dark Sky Parks and an out-of-place time machine…

Just in from the pub, so won’t write much. However, there’s still time to do a Twiiter crawl (trending topics include the sad death of Gary Coleman and someone called Demi, who I suspect is the new Bieber but really, I don’t have a clue), and so I learned about Dark Sky Parks, areas that aren’t affected by light pollution and therefore give amazing views of the night sky. There’s one in Scotland I might think about visiting – over my house I saw the grand total of two stars tonight, so I could do with a better view of the cosmos.

Thing is, I found out about this through a tweet from New Scientist, who point out something interesting in their picture from the Dark Sky Park in Utah. Although the cave paintings are meant to remnents of the Archaic stage in human habitation of the Americas, well… Doesn’t that look like a painting of the TARDIS on the right…?



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