The Ideas Post

I needed some help getting beyond a minor case of writer’s block, so thanks to Sudge I present my response to a challenge – come up with plots for comic books that have yet to be written. I’ve broken the rules a bit (some of these really wouldn’t work  other than on TV), but at least I’ve got something on paper. I also pass on the challenge – tell me your ideas of books/films/TV/comics they should be making….

The Con Job
Egocentric actors. Fans with restraining orders. The most epic cosplay ever. These are the things any sci-fi convention organiser learns to take in their stride. But this year, the NSA want to talk to the star of Martian Blood Pack II, a team of stormtroopers is lost somewhere on the interstate and everyone’s getting suspicious of that Bruce Campbell impersonator. Amy, Barney and Del have got a bad feeling about this…

It’s the near future and total-immersion internet is here. A new virtual world is revolutionising communication and social networking, but what happens when the myths of the past find a new gateway to our world? Faerie is back, and the internet trolls are rather more literal than they used to be…

Renaissance Man
Leonardo da Vinci = MacGyver. ’nuff said. May also contain aliens.

The participants in a cheesy sci-fi show’s romantic subplot get a bit Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead

An aging rock band emerges from a frankly ridiculous near-death experience and are forced to re-evaluate their lives. Which would be a whole lot easier if they weren’t also honour-bound to prove to some snot-nosed emo outfit that they can still turn it up to eleven…

Last Exit to Dudley
Grafitti cats, UFO sightings, random earthquakes and crooked buildings – the members of a third division pub quiz team hadn’t realised quite how weird the Black Country could be. And that’s before they meet the Cannock Chase Bigfoot. And stumble into the Himley Triangle. And who did put Bella in the Wych Elm?


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