I am a fan.

Currently trending on Twitter is the hashtag #imnotafan. Problem is, I am a Fan.

I’m a fan of comic books, or, perhaps more accurately, I’m a fan of a bunch of characters who just so happen to have comic books as their home medium. I’m a fan of Superman, of the Justice Society, of Batman and some of the Green Lanterns, and of Justice League International. I’m a fan of the themes of heroism, and friendship, and doing the right thing, and duality. I’m particularly a fan of heroes who will do their best to resolve conflict in a non-violent fashion but, should it become necessary, can hit a bad guy with a lamppost. Or a bus.

I’m a fan of Doctor Who, but I’ve talked about that a lot on the blog. So I’ll just go obscure here and say that I’m a fan of the hidden messages and running jokes that they hide in Doctor Who Magazine every month.

Saying I’m a fan of Christianity doesn’t sound right, because it’s not a football team or TV show or whatever, although if you look hard enough you can find fandoms and congregations sharing common traits at times. I will, however, admit to being a fan of Mike YaconelliRob BellJeff Lucas, Relevant Magazine, Matthew Paul TurnerAdrian Plass and others, all the time happily and freely admitting that the inspiration and common thread running between all those people is far, far bigger and more important that fandom.

I’m a fan of Transformers because I refuse to fully grow up.

I’m a fan of writing, blogging, and just making up stories in my head, and improvising silly little songs with funny rhymes.

I’m a fan of Wikipedia. I don’t care if inaccuracies creep in, and I know you shouldn’t rely on it as if it’s the Fount of All Knowledge, but as quick and convenient starting points go, it’s hard to beat.

I’m a fan of cult actors, like Bruce Campbell or Michael Ironside or Adam Baldwin or BRIAN BLESSED!

I’m a fan of the bit in Star Wars where the Stormtrooper walks through a door and bumps his head.

I’m a fan of books, although what sort of books pretty much changes at any given moment. I’m mainly into non-fiction though, cos I’m an information junkie. I’m a fan of that too.

I’m a fan of dissing d-list movies with poor special effects and even poorer plots (Zombie horse. That’s all I’m saying).

I’m a fan of geeky t-shirts.

Perhaps most of all I’m a fan of being a fan. Because being a fan is way more fun than being coolly detached and allegedly ironic, and enthusiasm and enjoyment are often an excellent counter to mockery and cynicism.

I am a fan. I have the t-shirts to prove it.

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