Geek Confessional 2, arachnophobia, and something to look out for in Stourbridge

Well, yesterday’s Geek Confessional post got a good response, although if you check out the comments there’s some serious Wrong there (and that’s before Sudge admits he doesn’t like Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Here are a few confessions I missed:

  • For all its flaws, I liked Final Crisis
  • I work very hard to pretend the Tim Burton Batman films don’t exist
  • I say they’re Batman films, they’re not. They’re Tim Burton films featuring a bloke in a Batman costume
  • And frankly, I’m not a fan of Tim Burton films. Except Ed Wood
  • I’m very bad at winning the ‘Predict When Stan Lee Will Show Up In a Marvel FIlm’ game
  • I think Firefly is over-rated

Meditating on those crimes will help me ignore the fact that there are Redback Spiders loose in Wolverhampton. Wolverhampton is, of course, where I get my comics every Saturday, so obviously I’m going to be taking my life in my hands. That would be typical – getting bitten by a deadly Australian spider not while sight-seeing on a trip to Uluru, but in Wolverhampton. Epic fail.

On the plus side, it turns out there’s something to look out for in the Black Country that doesn’t involve fatal arachnids (band name!). There has been a spate of graffiti cats appearing throughout Stourbridge. Some people have drawn parallels with Banksy, but there’s a nice mysterious edge to the cats, and it’s not like the Black Country doesn’t have strange graffiti stories ("Who put Bella in the wych-elm?" – last seen, ironically enough, near Stourbridge). Or maybe it fits into some kind of outsider art tradition. Who knows, but it’s nice to have a bit of a mystery to re-enchant the area.

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