Webcam Spies, Volcanoes and Libraries (Again)

First of all, check out Neil Gaiman’s National Library Week talk (which I haven’t watched yet, but I’m assuming it’s interesting and insightful and other words beginning with I). I’m also pleased to report that I seem to be getting back on track with my ‘read 50 books this year’ project, so that’s good – it proves my attention span hasn’t completely atrophied.

In the light of all the controversy over the Digital Economy Act, it’s particularly scary to see this news report from the States, where school-issued laptops have allegedly been taking pictures of students without their knowledge or permission. Needless to say, this is bad mojo; not only does it raise (more) questions about privacy in an information-driven society, but, if proven to be deliberate, it’s also a total abuse of trust on behalf of the school district in terms of their duty of care to the students. This will not end well.

As for the Icelandic volcano and the resulting air traffic chaos, well, apparently people have been saying it’s God’s judgement on Obama’s healthcare reform passing. However, as Jesus was known for healing everyone who came to him (and not charging them anything), I’m guessing God doesn’t have a problem with providing healthcare for everyone, and therefore the crazies (who I’m not going to link to, because I’m afraid I’ll be forced to throw my laptop out the window) might want to think about which god they’re blaming. Odin? NjororNerthus?

More on the volcano situation when I can form more coherent thoughts….


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