Geek ABC’s

Don’t ask about the circumstances under which this was written. Just consider it to be my contribution to the literary and cultural development of a generation.

A is for Autobot, like Ironhide or  Kup.
B is for Banner, who smashes things up.
C is for Clark, his surname is Kent,
D is for Davros, and Harvey Dent.
E is for Edward, a vampire who’s shiny,
F is for Flash, who can run back in time, he
is friends with Green Lantern, and that starts with G;
H is for Highlander, with Sean Connery.
I is Intersect, which features in Chuck,
J is for Joel, whose Batman films suck.
K is for Kirk, first names James T.
L is for Lando, played by Billy Dee.
M is for Megatron, his arm is a gun;
N is for Newton – Gravity’s fun!
O is for Ook, the Librarian said;
P is for Parker, his uncle is dead.
Q is for Quidditch, a game played with brooms;
R is for Raimi – Boomsticks go BOOM!
S is for Skaro, where the Daleks are from;
T is for Terminator, and also for Tron.
U is for Unicron, he didn’t have the Touch.
V is for Voldemort, who loathed Harry so much.
W‘s for World, sometimes of Warcraft,
X is for X-Files, which progressively got daft.
Y is for Yoda, the Force could he feel,
Z is for Zod, before whom you’ll kneel.
That’s the Geek Alphabet, with Z it ends.
It’ll help you with reading, but will win you no friends…

(With thanks to Dave and his invaluable help with O.)


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