Six Things I Learned Today

1.  Tommy used to work on the dock. Labour disputes lead to his redundancy, and now his family is dependant on the income of his partner Gina, who has a minimum wage job in the service sector. Having pawned his guitar and abandoned his creative endeavours, Tommy does his best to comfort Gina, who is having sleepless nights. Last I heard they were sticking together, and were considering renting with Gina’s co-worker Mary and her boyfriend…

2.  The best approach to karaoke – if you’re going down, go down in flames.

3.  The Ghostbusters theme song is a nightmare to sing, as it barely counts as a tune.

4.  The success of a geek reference is in inverse proportion to the number of people who actually understand it.

5.  I have some great friends and colleagues. Rock on guys, and be excellent to each other 🙂



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