Casting Call

It’s been one of those days. We got on to the subject of who we’d cast in the movie of our collective lives. This is always a bit tricky – do we cast based on looks? In that case I’d probably be documentary maker Michael Moore, but I’m not sure if he’s an actor, and besides it’d probably get me shot by a redneck. Also he’s about 22 years older than me, so that rules Mike out.

So go for personality and forget any physical similarities. Someone with a track record playing geeky. Nicholas Brendon from Buffy can do that, and can convincingly talk about superhero comics, but I can’t remember him going off on a rant, so nope. Kevin Weisman was great as Marshall in Alias, but he’s too short. I know I said forget looks, but y’know… too short.

So I’m going to go with David Hewlett, who’s best known as Dr. Mackay in Stargate: Atlantis. He can do geeky. He can do ticked off. He can rap, and he’s man enough to apologise when he needs to. I’m going with Hewlett.

But who’s gonna play you?


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