What do monsters have nightmares about?

Today is the 46th anniversary of the greatest TV show ever, Doctor Who, and so I figured now is as good a time as any to link to the official website’s Greatest Moments pages. It’s nowhere near comprehensive, of course, but hey, there are 46 years of fantastic moments to choose from, from William Hartnell saying goodbye to his grand-daughter, Paul McGann’s shoes fitting perfectly, and the beautiful moment when some boys from England walk together in France on a terrible day in 1914. It’s a show that can go from being gloriously silly to being totally heart-breaking within the space of an episode, and it’s my all-time favourite TV show. So there.

(Oh, and because somewhere along the line Doctor Who fandom somehow became an important part of the show itself, here’s a link to the best fan video I’ve stumbled across – it’s good stuff!)


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