Walter Tull

In honour of Armistice Day, please take a few minutes to read up about Walter Tull, a man whose story deserves to be far better known. To quote his Wikipedia entry, Tull was "the first black/mixed race officer in the British Army, and the second black/mixed race player in the top division of the Football League", and I guess that makes his story a fairly modern one, raising issues of race in sport, the military and our shared history, but today it seems more appropriate to remember him as one of the fallen, a leader who became so beloved among the troops under his command that they were willing to risk themselves in an attempt to recover his body, a soldier whose valour has lead to a campaign for posthumous recognition of a recommendation for him to receive the Miitary Cross. And maybe it’s symbolic that someone with such a distinguished career can also represent all the other victims of conflict we remember today…


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