In which I refuse to call down the thunder.

People have been trying to provoke me to rage recently. Kerrang Radio tried to get me mad only a few hours ago, when they played that stupid ‘It’s cool to know nothing’ song (I don’t care if it’s meant to be ironic or not, it provokes me to off-button stabbing rage every time I hear it). DC taking Superboy out of Adventure Comics? Eye-rolling bouts of disappointed frustration. Heir Apparent to 10 Downing Street David Cameron getting into bed with the people behind Fox News and who want to eviscerate the BBC? That’s going to make next year’s election an eye-popping festival of incandescent fury.

Then to top it all, my friend Dave has tried to get a reaction by seeking my views on The Matrix films and Terminator 3, at least one of which doesn’t really exist. If you want to hear THOSE rants, first click on the Hunger Site to get free food to those facing starvation, then let me know, I’ll just have to remember to wipe the flecks of spittle off the screen of my laptop.

But I’m going to rise above it all, and instead provide a link to this story of a teenager in Malawi who Macgyvered a windmill out of old bike and tractor parts. His village now has electricity, and you can see an interview with him at the ever-awesome TED website; as stories go, its pretty inspirational. "It’s cool to know nothing"? COBBLERS!!!


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