Watching Out For Mad Science So You Don’t Have To!

BONG! Scientists Track a ‘Green Comet’ heading for Earth! Comet Lulin will pass within 38 million miles of Earth, and gets its green colour from various gases, including cyanogen. It made its closest approach to Earth on February 24th – at least we hope it was Comet Lulin and not any of the alternatives…

BONG! DARPA to develop an ‘inflight morphing’ helicopter! DARPA (The Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency), which acts as the Pentagon’s ‘radical innovation’ department, wants to look into the possibility of designing a helicopter whose rotors can expand or retract in flight, thus allowing it to switch between flying modes. However, while official reports suggest that this project is in its initial stages, I can exclusively reveal that things are far more advanced than they’re letting on…

BONG! Japanese Security Firms Unveil Crime-Fighting Robot! The T-34 (as opposed to the T-800 or T-1000) is a remote controlled robot capable of throwing a net over evil-doers, while sensors can detect the movements of intruders. An un-named corporation is said to be looking at taking this development to its inevitable conclusion…

BONG! Bodily Repair To Be Sent Into Hyperdrive! Researchers from Imperial College London are looking at ways in which the human body can be tricked into producing higher levels of stem cells, thus resulting in faster healing. Scientists hope that human clinical trials can be carried out within 10 years, although similar un-related research in Canada yielded interesting results…

You know, I wish I’d paid more interest to science in school…. Remember kids, hit those books and you too could be working on Planet Sci-Fi!

Meanwhile, if anyone has £250,000 spare, please let me know…


One thought on “Watching Out For Mad Science So You Don’t Have To!

  1. sudge

    How much would you love to get all your mates and all their mates and their mates’s mates to get the money together for Action issue 1? That’d be my main extravagance if I got rich….
    I think we should be evacuating small kansas towns. Except cool farmers. Just saying.


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