A Comeback Blog to Celebrate Teh Awesome Part Deux

The sequel…

It’s science, and yet it’s expressed through the arts. This song is basically a unified field theory of human experience.

I’m going to be a luddite here. I don’t care what people say about Kindles or Kimbells or Kinder Eggs or whatever they’re calling that gadget you can read books on, I’m sticking with treeware. They don’t need batteries, you can read them in the bath without risking a serious financial investment, and… Oh, who cares. The truth is, I love books. I love a good index. The more footnotes the better. There are probably many deep thinkers who will argue we’re now living in a post-Gutenberg galaxy, that ICT and the Internet and advances in telecommunications have changed the role of information and how it’s disseminated, and how books are going to become obsolete because they’re no longer fit for that purpose. These arguments will probably include phrases like "The democratisation of data", and they may even be right, but read Thomas Cahill’s How The Irish Saved Civilisation – writing stuff down and putting it in libraries was a huge factor in saving knowledge following the collapse of the Roman Empire. Now, who knows, maybe the Internet will one day fulfil that role, but much as I love it, I’m well aware that it’s main use is the provision of nudity and arguments about Star Trek. Sometimes you’ve just got to escape all that.

Preferably with a good book.

TV Tropes refers to something known as The Crowning Moment of Awesome, the moment that enshrines a characters actions in the hearts of fans forever. However, there are some characters who have these moments all the time, so much so that you know when they’re coming. And you know they’re going to be good. If a terrorist is torturing Jack Bauer you start giggling, because you know full well that, in approxmately 15 seconds, vengeance shall be forthcoming, and it will come forth with much rejoicing. I think this is one of the reasons I love comics and superheroes – this stuff happens all the time.

(See also 24 and pretty much anything Batman does in Grant Morrison’s JLA)

Never gets old. The World of Warcraft equivalant of z-list celebrities asking if you know who they are. Only this is ironic.

Probably my favourite song. Did they break out of their dead-end town and achieve their dreams, or did it all go wrong? It doesn’t matter, this song’s about the moment in which you think you can do anything, as long as you’ve got a girl like Mary and a decent set of wheels.


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