A Comeback Blog to Celebrate Teh Awesome

Inspired by Sudge’s blog, which you should read because it’s more sensible than this is going to be, I decided to return to this site to celebrate a few of the cooler things in life (this is based on my definition of cool, of  course, which is at right angles to everyone else’s). So here goes…

I love obscure knowledge. Stumbling across random factlets and theories and quirks of history is one of life’s little joys. I can’t explain exactly how, but my life is richer for knowing that the maximum number of moves it would take God to complete a  Rubik’s Cube is 26, or that the 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora may have lead to the invention of the bicycle, or that ketsueki-gata must be a nightmare for Japanese vampires.  I love this stuff. Send examples!

The Relevant Magazine Podcast is the reason I can’t hear Snow Patrol’s ‘Chasing Cars’ without shouting “I’ve finally learned the true meaning of Christmas!” in a bad Scottish accent (here, just over halfway through. Listen out for Callahan McIver.) I love Hometown Tales and its quirky stories about obscure backwaters, and the Mars Hill podcast has helped with more church projects than they’ll ever know. Podcasting = Probably my favourite expression of Web 2.0.

He was born on Krypton and he collects Spider-Man comics. That’s automatically more fun than any British politician.

Can apparel get any cooler?

Maybe apparel can’t, but TV can. It’s like the 60’s Batman meets Due South.

In a blatant steal of the idea I gave Sudge, I’m going to post more in the next couple of days to force me to update more. Cunning like a fox, dude.


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