State of the nation?

Guns don’t kill people.

People kill people.

With bullets.

That they shoot out of guns.

Quite often.

Of course, they also kill people with knives.

And with their hands and feet.

Look, I don’t want to be a knee-jerking, Daily Mail quoting, hang-’em-and-flog-’em type person, but am I imagining things? Does there seem to be an upsurge in this sort of thing lately? Or the media becoming more attuned to the situation and filling a 24-hour news cycle with EVERY violent incident that happens in the UK?

Or maybe it doesn’t matter when you really boil things down. Are these deaths symptomatic of a culture of violence, or does the coverage just reflect a culture of fear? Whatever. The fact is, people are dead, and any one of these incidents alone is too many. When we start looking at things as a ‘wave of violence’ (or whatever), we lose sight of the individuals, their identities, the people they leave behind. And that’s almost a crime against their memory, against their lives. People aren’t statistics.

Of course, this post may just be contributing towards that.

Difficult, isn’t it?


One thought on “State of the nation?

  1. sudge

    Very difficult.
    I think its a little of both – the media have picked up on a rise in violence, and to prove their point they show you EVERY violent incident they can. The good thing about blogs like yours is, it makes you think about whats going on instead of just standing back shaking your head.
    You’re absolutely right though, these people who have been killed should be used as fodder for the media. They’re saying things like “crimewave” and “the death of society”, when what they should be saying is “people are dying” and “how can we stop this?”


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