Catching Up

Haven’t posted here for ages, so I figured I’d do a quick catch up:

1. Global warming. C’mon, something’s got to explain why the British summer looks more like a bad apocalyptic Hollywood movie.

2. Heroes started on BBC2. This is a good thing. Heroes rules.

3. I joined FaceBook. Yeah, I know. It’s SNG’s fault.

4. I saw both The Simpsons Movie and Transformers. The Simpsons is way better than I thought it would be, while Transformers didn’t destroy my childhood. Which was nice.

5. Russia claimed the North Pole. What is this, the Age of Exploration all over again? We stick flags into stuff and they’re ours? If so, I claim Hawaii.

6. I’ve read way more about different interpretations of the Book of Revelation than any man should in a short amount of time. Again, I blame SNG.

7. ….

8. Insert something funky here. Make it cool, pretend I did it.

9. Evening enrolment duty at work. My feet hurt.

10. This list probably explains why I haven’t updated for a while…


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