Christianity + Geekery = ……

So I’m listening to a podcast from Mars Hill Church, and suddenly realise that not only is it a sermon, but it’s a SERMON THAT INVOLVES TALKING ABOUT HOW TO CREATE COMIC BOOKS!  As a religious geek, this is the greatest thing ever (or at least, the greatest thing that I’ve heard today), especially as they use terms like, and I quote “Sequential art”.  Dust – Fire From Heaven (scroll down the list of podcasts) sounds like it could be pretty cool, although that may be because I did the same story in my Sunday School class a few months ago…


2 thoughts on “Christianity + Geekery = ……

    1. matthewhyde Post author

      Re: ..
      I’ve checked out the trailer on Youtube again, and it IS Kevin Smith! I thought it was just someone who looked like Kevin Smith, but it’s him!
      He should play it like Silent Bob.


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