Here’s one for the A-Team fans…

You don’t expect to go to church and come across an interview with Mr. T, but that’s what happened today – here he talks about his faith, cancer and what happened to all his gold…


2 thoughts on “Here’s one for the A-Team fans…

  1. drsedgley

    “You just know it’s a storyline that would make a great episode of The A Team.”
    Great article – but I’m not so sure about that last line.
    Murdoch – What we up to today, Hannibal?
    Hannibal – Well, Murdoch. Today we’re going to visit our good friend B.A. whilst he’s in hospital.
    I suppose they could have some adventures on the wards, maybe Face chats up a nurse?
    Other than that, B.A. getting cancer is probably not an A-Team episode that would get a high rating. As I recall, most episodes were more light-hearted than that.

    1. matthewhyde Post author

      Yeah, I think that part had the look of I-need-a-cool-closing-sentence-itis. Good interview, but it’s been a long time since he watched The A-Team. Besides, they were always trying to break Murdock OUT of the hospital.
      I suppose they could get locked in an operating theatre and have to build an attack vehicle out of a gurney and a defibrilator, but that might come across as being a little crass…!


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