Power to the People

Democracy. It’s a wonderful thing. As are online petitions:

“More health workers and teachers needed!

In 2005, 40 million people campaigned against poverty as part of the Make Poverty History campaign. As a direct result, rich countries promised an extra £27 billion in aid, and promised to cancel some of the debts of 42 poor countries. Where these promises have been met this has changed lives. People living in Zambia no longer have to pay for health care because of increased aid and debt cancellation.

That’s great news. But it’s not the whole story, in a country where people die from easily treatable diseases because there aren’t enough health workers.

That’s why it’s still absolutely crucial to keep the pressure on the richest countries to make sure they don’t lose sight of their 2005 promises. We need your help to put poverty back at the heart of the agenda at the 2007 summit in Germany.

You can help

Join teachers and health workers, like Brenda and Mendes, and keep the pressure on Tony Blair and other world leaders to deliver more teachers and health workers by signing the petition [at the link above].”


But there are also less serious issues:

Get Terry Pratchett a knighthood!

And issues we can all get behind:

Bill Bailey For The Hobbit!

(And, if you look through the names, you might just see Grant Morrison on there. I don’t know if it’s THE Grant Morrison. I chose to believe it is).

I love the internet.


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