Youtube Gem #137

During one of my regular rummages through Youtube, I came across the trailer for the massive summer blockbuster Justice League of America. Based on the iconic comic book, the movie sees Superman and Batman uniting the other DC heroes in order to save the world from the uber-baddy Darksied. It’s a great trailer, and I really, really want to see the movie.

Thing is, it’s not happening. The trailer’s a fan video cobbled together out of clips from a bunch of other movies and TV shows. Despite that, it still looks better than every Batman movie prior to Batman Begins (and yes, I include the TIm Burton stuff in that. If you want to know what I think about the Tim Burton Batman movies, check out Kevin Smith’s comments on them. I agree with him.)

Now, get the guy who did this onto a JLI movie and we’re sorted…


3 thoughts on “Youtube Gem #137

  1. sudge

    I love that Booster is smoking in the background…
    That JLA fanfilm is 9 different kinds of awesome! If only…
    Go on then, give me your plot for a JLA film in 25 words or less!

    1. matthewhyde Post author

      I love that Booster’s smoking in the background [i]without realising it’s a problem…[/i]
      Seeing as you’ve called dibs on the White Martian storyline, I’m going with Apokalips invading Earth. Big five plus Zatanna. Some uber-Bat lunacy and Supes getting an epic fight with Darkseid…
      Unless, of course, someone’s going to pay me a fortune to do JLI, in which case, we start with Beetle, Booster and Guy’s video-dating footage, and end with them being the only heroes left capable of saving Earth. And Guy steals the Batmobile.

      1. sudge

        I think the whole thing should be Guy trying to steal the Batmobile, just to get one over on Bats. He’ll enlist all manner of help to do so…

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