Armageddon out of here…

I’m a bit late on this, so I apologise for my lack of topicality, but who’ve thought Jade Goody would have pushed us closer to armageddon? Yes, in the week where nothing seems to have happened other than Celebrity Big Brother making money by asking the UK public if Channel 4 supports racism or not, the Doomsday Clock has moved five minutes closer to the End of the World. Way to go, trash TV!

Of course, let’s not forget that the media is making an awful lot of money out of Jade’s bullying and apparent racism. I mean, we could argue that a civilised society might have stopped this situation at source. A responsible society might have confronted Jade with the issues then dropped the whole thing so she could go back to whence she came to confront her issues and remove her attitude from the public eye. Clearly not, because now she’s appearing in every newspaper going, either as a hate figure or a repentant victim. Next thing you know, public opinion will be so polarised that she’ll be a folk hero to some. Celebrity culture is a menace and this country makes me despair at times.

But hey, 24‘s back, so if it comes to it, we can put Jack Bauer in the BB house. Jack Bauer and the Faceman – now that’s TV gold right there…


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