The Resolutions Post (Revisited)

So here we are, 2007. Time for the resolutions. Only the thing is, I’m not sure I should be making any. Why? Because I’m not convinced I kept any from last year. Fortunately, with the technological miracle that is LiveJournal, I can actually check out exactly how many I did keep…Let’s see what happened this time last year (old stuff is in bold, new commentary is in italics)…

Firstly, I want to learn a language. 
Okay, next…

This is particularly disgraceful, as I went to Tenerife in October, and got away with speaking English, apart from “Ola!” and “Gracias!” I’m ashamed. I’m a fat English tourist abroad. With a camera around my neck. I should be shot.

Secondly, I need to read more. Right now, a couple of people reading this are probably looking at it in disbelief and asking whether it’s possible for me to read any more than I do already, but it’s pretty evident that I’m killing too much time on the internet and not ploughing through two or three books a week like I used to. 
I’m not sure I kept to this, although to be fair to myself, I’m a fairly voracious reader anyway. I’ve diagnosed the problem – my attention span’s shot to heck. Whether that’s because I’m getting old, or whether it’s because I spend too much time on the internet, I don’t know. What I do know, however, is that Wikipedia probably doesn’t count as ‘reading’ except in its strictest sense.

I’ve discovered podcasts, which also affects this, although I’m totally down with the whole ‘casting thing so it’s not so bad. I really do need to read more books though.

Thirdly – get more sleep.
Yay! Did that! Eventually!

I’m a pessimist. The glass tends to be half-empty. The light at the end of the tunnel is a rampaging axe murderer with a torch. 
This isn’t a resolution, but I really like this line…Made me laugh anyway.

I want…I don’t know what I want, but something purposeful and meaningful and real. I have a bunch of issues that I need to straighten out, and I don’t know how, but they need dealing with. That’s priority number one, to be honest. I need you guys to kick me in the pants with regard to all this, because it’s important.
Getting there…

I want to be a better person in general. 
Not for me to judge. I’m not convinced though, but that’s because I’ve got a downer on myself.

I want to mouth off less and listen more…

and open doors for people…
I must have put that in for literary effect; I’ve always opened doors for people…

and do the washing up…
I do this. Well, I do the washing up at church, and I wipe up at home. Only not as often as I should.

and find out the name of the guy in Wolverhampton I buy the Big Issue from. 

I hate the thought that I’ve got a mountain of Superman comics and the only influence they’ve had on me is to heighten my appreciation of pictures of evil aliens being thrown through walls. I hate the thought that I’ve been doing the Jesus thing for years and it doesn’t seem to have changed me all that much, and the fault for that is at my end. Too much head knowledge, not enough heart; the brain gets smart but the soul gets dumb, to paraphrase that song. Needs sorting, dudes.
Still needs work.

And I need to tip more, ‘cos tipping’s a spiritual thing. 
I think I’ve managed this, not that I’ve been to too many places where tipping’s an issue. I should probably start saying “Keep the change” when I buy a round on a Friday night, but I have hearing issues, and it would be embarassing to make a noble statement like that when the change only amounted to 15p.

And I need to respond to Urgent Action emails from Oxfam and other groups way quicker than I do. 
Yep. Well, I’ve improved, still not 100% there yet.

I want to see a part of the world I’ve never seen before…
Tenerife and Brussels

and I want to do something cool I’ve not done before.
Does driving count? Oh, and the Sunday Night Group really kicked into gear this year, but the credit for that largely goes to Gemma, who’s done a really good job of getting us sorted…

So there you go; is it worth making resolutions? All the stuff I should be resolving is stuff I should be doing anyway. It just seems pretentious to make a big deal out of it. Maybe the best plan is to make new day resolutions – it’s easier that way. I might actually stand a chance of keeping them…


One thought on “The Resolutions Post (Revisited)

  1. sudge

    my general new years resolution is generally just “be better.” Whether this happens or not, I’m never sure.
    New day resolutions sound good to me, but here’s one for the year, for both of us…
    Give ourselves a break. Seriously man, we arent bad guys and we either take on too much or keep everything to ourselves when we shouldnt. This year, we’re not gonna keep going it alone.


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