Matt’s Review of 2006

Highlight of 2006
Probably passing my driving test. I’m not a huge fan of driving as a process, but it’s way better than waiting for buses…

Movie of 2006
Superman Returns. Although how much of that is just down to my fanboy credentials, I don’t know. But the bit when he catches the plane! And when he gets shot in the eye! And the best Jimmy Olsen yet!

The Tubby English Dude Award for Tourism
Mount Teide and sailing alongside dolphins, Tenerife. I took many, many photos.

Best Episode of Doctor Who
The Girl in the Fireplace. Or maybe School Reunion. One of those two. 

Best Comic Book Series
52, All Star Superman, and Kurt Busiek’s run on Superman.

Worst Comic Book Series
Any that involved the random deaths of viable characters, which seems to be a significant chunk of DC’s output. Just ignore the fact that this could also relate to 52.

Most Anticipated Pop Culture Event of 2007
24 (Jack vs the rest of the world – the road to victory!), Heroes, Martha’s debut in Doctor Who, and Spider-Man 3.

Random Comic Book Reference of the Year
In the dining hall of the Hotel Isla Bonita, Tenerfife: “You see that guy over there? He looks like Wolverine’s dad!”

Most Unexpected Personal Development of 2006
I seem to be doing a LOT more talking at church…

Best Critique of a Movie
Kevin Smith’s dissection of the Lord of the Rings trilogy in Clerks 2. It’s so true…

Best Website Discovery
Hmm. Tough one this. Wikipedia? LiveJournal? Google Earth? YouTube? I don’t know, you decide!

Greatest Geek-Out
Daleks vs Cybermen! Second only to Sarah Jane and K9 bumping into the Tenth Doctor.

Proudest Moment of the Year
On behalf of the rest of the gang, SNG kicking into gear.

Spiritual Discovery of 2006
Something I kind of knew about before, but didn’t know of any specific details until guys like Rob Bell made something of a rediscovery of the subject – the Jewish roots of Christianity and Jesus-as-Rabbi.

And last but not least:

My sister and brother-in-law getting me Brian Blessed’s autograph. All kinds of awesome.


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