The Highs and Lows of Being a Geek

A week in comics is a long time:

Last Week
Trials of Shazam: Oh, for goodness sake, Solomon wasn’t a god! I don’t care if that’s where they get the S in Shazam from, Solomon was a king who got his wisdom from God. And even then he stuffed things up. DO SOME RESEARCH! (There may be some DC arcana explaining this. If so, I retract.)

The Flash – Fastest Man Alive: Go on, DC, just admit it. No-one really has a clue what’s happened to Wally. You keep dropping hints that you know, but you don’t. This is what’s going to screw up Lost, you know.

Superman/Batman: Since when does Batman trust Plastic Man about as much as he trusts Lex Luthor?! Didn’t Bats fight for Plas to be on the Justice League?! Also, is it just me that’s found the last few storylines near incoherant?

This Week
Welcome to Tranquility: Gail Simone writes about a retirement community for superheroes. Love it just for the guy who’s forgot his magic word and now has to read through dictionaries in every language, just to get his powers back.

52: Pedal to the metal, racing towards the final act. I think I know how the four space heroes can take down that army of a gazillion zombies.

Justice Society of America: The first issue of the relaunch and it’s already the best team book out there.

Sigh. Looks like I’m gonna have to keep buying the things…


One thought on “The Highs and Lows of Being a Geek

  1. sudge

    I always wondered if the Solomon aspect could be used to link the Marvels to Christian theology. Heck yeah, lets give the good captain a direct link to the presence. Asmodel, Neron and the hordes of hell Vs the Captains Marvel. Shazam baby.
    Seriously, how much does the Flash suck right now? Their explanation for how the speed force is in Bart is as follows:
    barry: Couldnt there be some way for one person to absorb the speed force?
    wally: I’ll do it!
    Bart: No, I will
    Wally: Ok!


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