Random Thoughts

First of all, please support Oxfam’s campaign to get pharmaceutical company Novartis to allow India to produce more affordable cancer drugs.

I’ve been on a business trip to Brussels for the last couple of days. Did you get that? Business trip. I’ve been on a business trip. How grown up is that? There I was, representing my workplace in the heart of European democracy. It’s moments like these that make you feel out of your depth. Well, that and the fact I was disappointed to have to go to a an official dinner rather than being able to watch Superman Returns on pay-per-view.

Talking of dinner, am off to the Imperial in Wolverhampton for our annual ‘nearly Christmas’ pig-out on Saturday. Remember, all you can eat isn’t an offer, it’s a challenge.

I was going to rant about the quality of last week’s comics, but it seems a bit late now. Instead, I’ll just big up the Tintin toys I saw in Brussels airport. Especially the Destination: Moon rocket ship, which I was really tempted to buy. Didn’t think I’d get it through customs though. It doesn’t come over in the pictures, but it looks like you could do some damage with it…!

To close, rest in peace, Doctor Who author Craig Hinton. The condolances thread over on Outpost Gallifrey is testimony to a fine writer and the community of fandom…


2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. novak

    Eh, you can just buy the DVD.
    What have you been thinking about Superman since the Crisis ended? I’ve felt a bit disappointed quality-wise. Or I suppose the quality, per se, is good, but the choices of direction are less satisfying to me: that it’s moved toward more of a Silver Age feel (Luthor the Mad Scientist breaks out of prison, builds giant robot to get Superman, gets captured and sent back to prison) which is a real let-down after the heights to which they’d taken Luthor as a “worthy” adversary for Superman. I also really think that they’ve been bowing to Superman Returns and “movie-Superman” concepts in general (the new crystal technology and Fortress/the “Brandon”-looking Clark, the “son”) and to me that is really putting the cart before the thoroughbred: the movies to my mind have always been vastly inferior products to the best of the comics, Superman Returns being no exception.

    1. matthewhyde Post author

      Well, I’ve got to say that I’m enjoying Busiek’s run more than the Johns/Donner story so far. The thing that bugs me most about the books is the way the characters don’t seem consistant – Busiek’s sounds like the comic Supes, while Johns/Donner does seem to be returning to the movies.
      And Lex as a stereotypical mad scientist doesn’t do it for me either. I’ve got no problem with him being a genius (if I was writing the books, he’d be this generation’s Leonardo, only gone very, very wrong…), but I also liked the idea that he could sound almost reasonable sometimes. The dressing up in a battlesuit kind of derails that reasonableness.
      But the thing that annoys me most about the One Year Later jump is that we haven’t had a story where Clark responds to the death of Conner and Kal-L (and if my random 52 theories are correct, that’s just going to get worse). For all DC are trying to convince us that they’re consolidating their shared universe, some major character beats seem to be slipping through the net.
      But hey, Jimmy and Lois are getting some panel-time, which is nice considering they’ve been mishandled in recent years, and in the last issue of Superman, Busiek threw more ideas into the story than were seen in some teams’ entire runs. At the end of the day, I really like Busiek’s run, I’m a little ambivalant over Action, and maybe it’s just me, but Superman/Batman is almost incoherant and is probably going to get dropped next time I get around to updating my standing order…


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