St. Andrew’s Day

Well, it’s St. Andrew’s Day. Now, Andrew’s one of those characters in the Bible who we don’t know much about and so he gets defined by the little we do know – he’s known as the guy who’s always introducing someone to Jesus and that’s put a missionary slant on his life, but it might also be a case of him being one of the problem solvers of the New Testament. After all, he’s the guy who, when a group of Greek dudes ask to meet Jesus, it’s Andrew who sorts them out. He’s the one who finds the five loaves and two fishes used by Jesus in the feeding of the five thousand. Maybe it’s one of my dumb heresies, but I figure anyone who grew up as St. Peter’s brother had to figure out how to be a ‘fixer’ – I like the idea of him being the guy who had to help sort out the mess left behind by Peter’s latest eruption…

Anyway, thinking about this made me wonder about his connection to Scotland (listen up,

!). Apparently his bones were bought there and presented to the pictish king Oengus mac Fergusa in the 8th Century, hence the source of the name of St. Andrews. All of which just makes me realise how little I know about ancient Scottish history. I know it involves woad at some point.

Oh well, off to Wikipedia again…


2 thoughts on “St. Andrew’s Day

  1. sudge

    Allow me to say a happy St Andrews day to you! its always annoyed me how we dont celebrate St Andrews day much up here, and yet when St Patricks day comes around we all think we’re Irish and start having Celidh’s in the street.
    I like the idea of our patron saint being a “fixer”, it kinda fits with the scottish sense of practicality, as a nation we just seem to get on with things and get things in a kind of unphased fashion.
    Heres to our patron saint! Long may he help us quite simply get on with things and clean up after our messy brothers… ๐Ÿ˜‰


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