Where do we go from here?

So, here’s the deal.

I’m a part of a bunch of young (young! I’m nearly 30!) people at church – it doesn’t quite work out as this, but think of us as the resident twentysomethings. We started meeting about 18 months ago due to a bunch of events that were going on among the local churches, and we would hang out, eat pizza, talk about life and God and all sorts of random stuff. And while this group started off as just a group of people who have known each other for several years, it has since expanded and developed and headed off down a couple of paths that we didn’t expect (one of those paths lead to some of us leading a service – yes, I’ve preached!).

Anyway, things ticked over like this for a while, and it was all very cool, and it’s been really nice to get to know each other, and it’s been fun. 

But a couple of weeks ago, we had a guest speaker. Cat among the pigeons time. You know how when someone says something and you can’t get shake it? It just goes through your mind and it sticks with you, and you’re living in the questions rather than in the day-to-day? In a Christian context we figure it’s God, which just ups the ante.

We figure that there’s another new path to walk down. It might involve just one of us, a few of us, all of us. At the moment, we don’t know. 

So I guess I put this out as a requests for your thoughts or your prayers or whatever. Because we’re in a place where the questions just keep bringing up more questions, and it feels a little like we’re going round in circles. We want to go somewhere, we just don’t know where that somewhere is, and right now we’re throwing out the story and seeing if anything bounces back.

Oh, and we probably need to think outside the box.

Anyone who knows me can probably guess that this sort of situation makes me uncomfortable – I’m the one who likes a plan; I’m going to Tennerife next week, and darn it, I HAVE A MAP, you know? On top of this, and I can say this ‘cos it’s my blog, it’s entirely possible that I’m not meant to be a direct part of this, so I need to learn how to support the people it does affect.

Exciting times, sure. But at the moment they’re still uncertain.


3 thoughts on “Where do we go from here?

  1. sudge

    I remember we talked about this a while ago, and all I can really think of is what I said then. If it were me, I’d think about what brought the group together in the first place, and then try and expand that, or do it on a grander scale or something. However, we’re thinking out of the box, and God doesnt make it that easy! With that in mind, if it were me, Id think up the most insane bloody crackpot crazy scheme, and just see how far I could get with it.
    Its all pretty scary stuff. A feeling like that isnt easy to shake, but something tells me it’ll pay off bigtime when you figure it out. Which I know you will

      1. sudge

        Excellent! you cant go wrong with a crackpot idea 😉
        Have a great time in Tenerife mate, we’ll catch up when you get back. TORCHWOOD!!

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