Seek Help

Anyone know a good dream therapist?

I ask this because I had two freaky dreams last night. I don’t know why, maybe the stress is getting to me, who can tell. All I know is, I have no idea what these two subconscious belches from the bottom of my brain can possibly mean:

1. I was trying to explain to my parents that, despite what they seemed to think, I had been to work that day. This would have been easier had my pockets not been full of toenail clippings. I then went to Alton Towers. The end.

2. I was involved, for some reason, in a charity boxing match. We were in teams, and my team consisted of a bunch of people from my dim and distant past. I was called to get ready for my fight, where it was revealed who I’d be fighting. It was Simply Red frontman Mick Hucknall, which was obviously a frightening prospect, because someone from work took me to a bar and got me to drink a beer (I should add that I’m teetotal). Anyway, to cut a long story short, I’m in a boxing ring, gloves and all, and I’m facing off against Mick, who turns out to be a surprisingly skilled and vicious fighter. He clocks me with a sudden attack, catching me unawares, and while I’m recovering from that, he gets me again. This makes me mad, because frankly I’m not planning on getting my butt kicked by Mick Hucknall! He comes at me again, but while he’s obviously a talented fighter, he’s too darn predictable, because he comes at me with the same attack, which is always a fatal mistake (I know this, because I’m skilled in the art of war). Haha! Seeing it coming I block his attack with a move that would, frankly, make Jack Bauer feel like a scared little girl.

I then smack Mick Hucknall in the face.

Then I woke up.

If you can explain any of this, you know how to post a comment.


4 thoughts on “Seek Help

  1. sudge

    The toenails are symbolic of the people you have affected in your life – they have taken different paths due to your influence, they have moved instead of staying still and letting their toenails grow. Symbolic of how you have stopped people bein lazy! Alton towers is your reward. try Nemesis.
    Now, Mick Hucknall! I must admitt, I have always hated Simply Red, and it seems you do too, so I am half tempted to think that hitting mick hucknall was also a reward, however…Mick Hucknall and Simply Red had a hit with the song “Fairground”, which links us right back into dream one and Alton Towers! You didnt have two dreams, you had one! Hucknall is essentially the guardian of the fairground, of you recieving your reward. THis could be due to a number of aspects, such as not wanting, or believing, that you deserve such a reward. However, in your heart of hearts, you know you do, and with one punch you level any doubt as to the fact that you deserve to relax a bit. Try Nemesis.


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