The World’s Gone Mad…

I was going to post this link about how the Royal Society is going to make available online 350 years of scientific journals, with the archive being free to search up until December 2006 – anyone interested in the history of science should probably take a look.

However, such things got sidelined by a story that appeared tonight in my local newspaper (unfortunately it’s not available online just yet, so you’ll have to take my word for it); Dudley Council has been invited to the White House (yes, THAT White House) in order to help the Secret Service cope with major disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and 9-11.

Yep, you read that right. Apparently Dudley Council has excellent plans to deal with major catastrophes, especially in terms of dealing with large numbers of dead bodies (you know, I’m not sure how that makes me feel), which has attracted the attention of the Department of Homeland Security

Needless to say this has come as a bit of a shock, considering that the last major catastrophe experienced around here was the Dudley Earthquake of 2002. I was one of the lucky thousands who lived through this event, despite living a mere quarter of a mile from the epicentre, and I’m proud to say I experienced it, especially as several friends and family slept through it.

So there you go. Who’d’ve thunk it?

Also, when trawling the Express and Star website for a link to the above story, I was surprised to find out just how close I could have come to going to a Steven Seagal gig; surprised because a) who knew Steven Seagal had a BAND, and b) who knew Steven Seagal had a band that plays the Robin 2 club in Bilston?!  Okay, so the September gig had to be cancelled, but hey, they’re rescheduling. Rock!

Of course, putting two and two together, maybe Seagal is Dudley Council’s contribution to the War on Terror. And may I say, any local councillor who proposes such a plan has my vote!

And yes, I was desperate for something to post after a long absence. Hope this helps 🙂


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