Comicbook Gubbins

Spoilers for DC Comics’ 52

Ha! You can’t fool me! He’s not really dead! I can’t be that much of a jinx to be able to kill off all the characters I’ve liked for years through some sort of metaphysical comicbook mojo! BOOSTER LIVES! ‘Cos he’s SUPERNOVA! Or something…

Now, where’s that black armband…?


2 thoughts on “Comicbook Gubbins

  1. sudge

    Oh he is so not dead! I thought he might be supernova too, but then supernova asked Clark what Booster was doing, so I’m not sure…

    1. matthewhyde Post author

      Well, my current theory is that Supernova is the Booster that went back to the future at the end of the OMAC Project – the guy who lost his best friend and saw his team destroyed. We’ve been following an alternate timeline version of Booster who reacted to things differently. That’s why Supernova was seemingly provoking Booster (“Why start now?”) and the “What’s he doing?” is more shock that the guy would do something fairly selfless rather than lack of knowledge of his abilities. Certainly Clark’s comment could be taken to imply that there’s more to Booster than we thought – and the fact that he broke time means it’s unlikely that we’ve seen the last of the Booster storyline.
      Also note that the chronology of the news reports on the computer is WAY off…


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