It’s been a long time…

It’s been a long time since I updated this, and I’d like to say that this was a triumphant return, but it’s not, because next to NOTHING has happened lately. I have nothing interesting to contribute to the blogosphere. Desolate wasteland here, dudes. I’ve learned a few things over the last couple of weeks though:

1. The world is doomed.
On June 4th, the US government practice their “what to do when the asteroid comes” drill.

Meanwhile, back in January, Norway starts to develop its Doomsday Vault.

This can mean only one thing. The comet’s coming. The Saucer People are on their way. Start digging bunkers, gangs.

2. I have no idea how to develop a new church service/meeting.
That’s the plan. Fortunately the others have a few more ideas, and I can dress stuff up with fancy words and footnotes. Hey, I’m contributing!

3. andy_dickens lives the rock ‘n’ roll life
He even meets bands on trains, and gets their Myspace addresses. They seem pretty good too.

4. Superman Returns is out in the UK on 14 July. 
Wooo! I know some people have issues with it, but I’m gonna be positive! Wooo!

All of which just goes to prove one thing.

I have no life.



11 thoughts on “It’s been a long time…

  1. sudge

    If being in the hyperactive “CANT WAIT!!” stage for superman returns and looking at doomsday senaria arent a life, then I’ll join you in that claim.
    We are not geeks. We are cool.

    1. matthewhyde Post author

      We’re cool geeks. Seeing as we wrote a Beetle/Booster vs the Hulk scene in Messenger once, I really don’t think we can deny the geekiness…
      And I tend to like the doomsday scenaria that take place a zillion years away from me. ‘cos I’m a wuss.

      1. sudge

        that story was AWESOME. You know it.
        I dunno, I think I’d feel kinda gyped if I didnt see the end of the world. Its been hyped up so much…

      2. matthewhyde Post author

        I just love the idea of Beetle and Booster on Marvel-Earth cutting up Bruce Banner in the New York traffic. Worst road rage ever!
        And yes, I know it’s not cool to laugh at our own jokes, but I still crack up over the thought of the Booster trying to lock the car door as the Hulk rampages towards him. And when the Hulk proceeds to start beating him with the rental car door.
        I suspect there may be something wrong with me 🙂

  2. novak

    Dude, July 14th?! That’s two weeks after it opens here! That’s just cruel. Speaking of which, have you read Superman #653 yet? I was really enjoying this eight-part story they’ve got running through it and Action Comics, but when I read this issue I wondered if I was back in 1961….

    1. matthewhyde Post author

      I know! I want a simultaneous release! I can’t handle an extra two weeks of people arguing about the size of the \S/ !
      And I missed the Silver Age the first time around, so I guess it’s all kind of new to me (being a Brit, I didn’t grow up with US comic books, so when people talk about Mad Scientist Lex, this is really the first time I’m actually SEEING it). I’ve enjoyed Up, Up and Away, although I can see an argument to say that it was Supes vs Lex and a big spaceship, and it’s done before – I’m not sure if it actually bought anything new to the table.
      That said, I did like the fact Clark got super-intelligence back, and the scene with Jimmy was great. Busiek seems to be fixing the things I’ve wanted to see fixed, so I give him props for that.
      Although if we’re talking Silver Age, All Star Superman has pretty much got that gig covered… 🙂

      1. novak

        Urg… All-Star Superman has been consistently the worst stories I’ve read since returning to reading last year. I’ve got #4 at the bottom of this week’s pile and haven’t read it yet, as the first three left so uninspired.
        The Lex of the 1986 reboot was sooooooo much better than old “Mad Scientist” Lex of the “Luthor breaks out of jail, constructs a giant robot to A) rob a bank, B) kill Superman, Superman defeats robot, Luthor goes back to jail” storyline, endlessly repeated. The Luthor who had the scientific skills, but also the huge staff to augment his own abilities, and the criminal savvy to hide behind legitimate business and social success: way more dangerous and compelling. (In screen adaptations, large and small, particularly as played by Michael Rosenbaum in Smallville.)
        I’m praying that part eight of “Up, Up and Away” makes this into some kind of bad dream: I was given slight hope by the reference to the story being a “dramedy, a tear-jerking laugh-riot” in the “Next in…” box at the end.

      2. sudge

        I have to say I kinda love All Star Superman. Issue 3 with samson and atlas just blew me away to be honest. Why would superman be hanging with these mythical figures? Because he’s the latest (and best 😉 ) model. And that page of Supes and Lois on the moon….Stunning.

      3. novak

        I know, I know…
        After typing that I went to the DC message boards and read a number of postings of folks who think All-Star Superman the greatest thing in 20 years, and who think John Byrne should be drawn and quartered because the Superman since his work just whines.
        I want to claim that this is more than different tastes, that the Superman who struggles with moral responsibilities and ambiguities is not a “whiner,” that Superman is a different character than Lobo, or that Superman is circus costume and Clark Kent is the truly compelling character we’re talking about. But perhaps that’s not going to get me anywhere. So I’ll just smile and acknowledge that Morrisson is clearly appealing to something you and several others like, even if I don’t appreciate it.

      4. sudge

        I think that a forthcoming issue of All Star Superman might be more to your tastes. As far as I know, there is an issue dealing with how he lost Jonothan, and I think I saw a front cover of him at a grave, krypto beside him looking all sad. This would seem to imply a more Clark Kent centred look at the character, which I will be very interested in, considering the All Star context.
        I seem to remember Grant Morrison talking about how he wrote Superman as a folk hero, someone who did just turn up out of nowhere, a man of few words who was always there to help. I can totally understand however that this take leaves little room for exploring the characters personality, but like I said, I’m hoping the forthcoming issues will change that.

      5. matthewhyde Post author

        Being the diplomat on my own Journal…
        I think there’s room for a bunch of different interpretations of Superman – he’s that sort of character. Certainly I’m really enjoying All Star Supes (although a LOT of that is simply down to the picture of Supes and Lois kissing on the moon, with Earth rising in the background…), but I also like Busiek’s more character driven issues, with an emphasis on Clark.
        I think where some writers tend to go wrong is trying to sandwich the two approaches together too much – trying to insert a bunch of wacky Silver Age concepts into a story about Superman’s ethics, or stopping All Star for a discussion of Clark and Lois’s relationship. I like the fact that now we seem to have a folk-hero, concept-driven approach running alongside a more character-driven story.
        It’ll be interesting to see what happens when the new mystery team is announced…

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