Calling All Music Lovers

And if yesterday’s post wasn’t enough to satisfy your deepest musical yearnings, then I have another artistic milestone for you. I don’t know if you caught last night’s feast of harmony that is the Eurovision Song Contest, but it was won by Finland. If you’re a music lover, especially a fan of the whole rock and metal genre, then you really need to check this out. Enter Sandman? The Ace of Spades? Tool’s 10,000 Days? Hah. They are NOTHING compared to Lordi and their song Hard Rock Hallelujah. The only thing missing on that link is Terry Wogan pointing out that the lead singer looks like Roy Wood. I used to think it was just the UK that took the mick out of Eurovision, but now everyone else is getting in on the joke. Maybe there’s hope for the European project yet. Can’t wait for next year’s contest, when EVERYONE’S going to do a bizarre glam metal epic in an attempt to win…

See if you can spot the moment where it all goes a bit Spinal Tap.


4 thoughts on “Calling All Music Lovers

  1. tipperary

    hehe. lordi was awesome. was so good to see a rock act not only in it but also one. at least the UKs paedophile entry got hardly any points. so europe has its priorities right: rock is elevated and dirty old men with school girls but in its place.
    i liked germany going country, that was also class and deserved to do so much better. lithuanua too, such balls they had, and they all looked like they just got day release. how did russia do so well though?
    the spinal tap moment for me was when they were holding the flowers at the end. oddest looking thing i have ever seen.

    1. matthewhyde Post author

      Lithuania were great, it takes some stones to try something like that…It would have been great if they’d won, but in the year of something mental happening at Eurovision, Lordi had their day.
      For me, the Spinal Tap moment was when the lead singer’s wings unfurled. Either that or his little plastic Finland hat. I kept waiting for the dwarves to show up, but they never did…

  2. andy_dickens

    I’m impressed with mr hyde. his knowledge of rock/metal is growing. this however could have something to do with me not shutting up about 10,000 days since its release

    1. matthewhyde Post author

      Well, that may well be the answer, but I’d point out that I’m probably the only person here to have played a metal CD in a church. And it wasn’t Stryper, I might add!


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