From the Serious to the Shatner

First off, if you haven’t emailed Tony Blair on behalf of Oxfam to ask him to keep his promises relating to the G8 promises relating to aid and debt in the Third World, you can do that here.

Now this, this is genius. Truly genius. Last year, a tribute to George Lucas was held by the AFI. At some point, a special guest comes on-stage to deliver a musical salutation to the esteemed director of the Star Wars trilogy.

That special guest was William Shatner. 

This is his performance

If you can watch this without needing a change of underwear afterwards, you are officially not human.


2 thoughts on “From the Serious to the Shatner

  1. sudge

    I heart william shatner!! Genius!!
    “there were times I’m sure you knew, you bit off more than you could chew (bacca)”

    1. matthewhyde Post author

      What makes it even funnier are the looks on the faces of the Star Wars cast…
      Someone HAS to do a convention or something that teams up Shatner and Tom Baker. It’d be awesome.
      Oh, and as you’re a music lover, I’ve really got to direct you to the entry I’ve just posted… 🙂


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