Sad News…

Was saddened to hear of the death of Rob Lacey, writer of The Word on the Street (aka The Street Bible) – the article at that link does a nice job of summing up his work, much of which was carried out while he was suffering from cancer. On a personal note, a bunch of us from church went to see the stage version of The Street Bible at the Mill Theatre, Sedgley, and it was a great night out; it’s strange, I only knew of Mr. Lacey by reputation and his writing, but this has left a mark, kind of like when I heard Mike Yaconelli had died. Both of them had a way of expressing Christianity in a way that got right down to its guts, communicating faith in a way that broke away from the dusty stereotypes and politicised ranting that sometimes takes over discussions of religion. Certainly, I’ve tried to bring a little of their influence to what I do at Sunday School, and I’m incredibly grateful for their work. Rest in peace.


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