God Gave Rock and Roll to You (But don’t forget to check the lyrics)

So, for reasons that are slightly too complicated to go into here, I need a metal song to play at church (at a Sunday School event, no less). This isn’t perhaps as easy as you’d think. For a start, I can’t go with any song that involves sex, swearing or blasphemy, and frankly that’s 90% of the metal classics out straight away. Someone suggested Wake Up by Rage Against the Machine, but I’ve just checked out the lyrics, and it involves A Bad Word, and you just know that’d be the one thing everyone remembered, just as they were taking me out the back to catapult me into next Thursday. 

Another suggestion has been Master of Puppets by Metallica. Now, I’ve not heard this, even though I’ve been friends with a number of metal fans over the years. I have seen Some Kind of Monster, which is a great documentary about the band – a bit like Spinal Tap with added Swedish Gandalf-alikes. As for music…Nope, sorry, I’m limited. I do have an iPod-thingy, but that’s completely by mistake. I know the music I really really like, but new stuff…How do people find it without spending shedloads of money buying CD’s on-spec? The Internet, I guess, but never quite figured out how to go down that route. 

So, basically, my metal knowledge is a bit limited. As for the song I need, it should be a) loud, b) guitar-y, c) something that I could get past a church audience without dying, and d) not including the words “It’s Chico Time!” Answers on a postcard!

(Although Edwin Starr’s War has just come on my iPod, and I’m suddenly tempted to use that…Although that may be connected to the fact I’ve loved that song ever since it was quoted in Young Justice, much missed DC comic, in a storyline that ended with a million nekkid Lobos singing We Will Rock You. That’s why I love comics…)


4 thoughts on “God Gave Rock and Roll to You (But don’t forget to check the lyrics)

  1. sudge

    “what IS it good for?”
    “Absolutely nothin”
    “great song”
    “its a song??”
    metal songs eh…? hmmm Would grunge do? Smells like Teen Spirit maybe?

    1. matthewhyde Post author

      “You’ve got FEAR on your face!”
      “You’re a big disgrace!”
      “GONNA FRAG YOU B*!%^!”s all over the place!”
      Young Justice ruled so, so much…A million nekkid Lobos. Don’t get that in The OMAC Project.
      And I think Nirvana might make the list of potentials, so thanks for the suggestion…

  2. andy_dickens

    Use Teen spirit and
    i will shoot you. I mean it. Puppets is a good call. use the 2nd solo. or you could use damage inc because it starts quiet then picks up and goes all fast. you’d need to cut it before the lyrics though.
    ooooooh disposable heros would also be good because it starts nice and fast and the intro is really long so you wouldn’t have the lyric problem


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