Maundy Thursday

Much respect today goes out to Steve, the guy who sells The Big Issue outside Forbidden Planet (formerly Another World) in Wolverhampton. The guy was cheerful and friendly, despite having to stand outside all day in the worst rain we’ve had for a while. He also knows way more about the country’s economic state than I do, although that’s probably not difficult.

It’s also Maundy Thursday. Traditionally, this is the day on which the Church commemorates Jesus washing the feet of his disciples; in the UK, this is achieved by the Queen handing out the tradition Manudy Money (originally the monarch washed the feet of the poor, but I guess someone figured out that it was more in keeping with the servanthood theme of original story to redistribute some wealth). I guess making small talk with Steve today made me realise that the day still has significance – make poverty history isn’t just a slogan, it’s something that needs to be worked out every day by everyone. While it’s easy to criticise western governments for the way that they treat the world’s poor (and goodness knows those governments deserve some criticism), but at the same time, there’s a soaking wet guy standing outside the shop where I buy a shedload of comic books and I didn’t even know his name until today. It’s easy to get insulated from the human picture, I guess, and going further down that road, I doubt the original idea behind the story of Maundy Thursday is limited to the whole ‘let’s give alms to the poor ‘cos it’s Easter’ thing. People are economically poor, sure, but there are plenty of people with fat wallets and nice cars who are crippled by self-doubt or loneliness or addiction, a poverty of spirit rather than a poverty of wealth.

I dunno. I guess a lot of things I’ve read recently are making me ask about whether I’m living life in the way I should be, certainly in terms of priorities. It’s all very vague at the moment, I know, but it’s something I’ve gotta look at…At least it’s something positive, rather than my last introspective post…


One thought on “Maundy Thursday

  1. sudge

    You’ve done something that most people are afraid to do, ask themselves plainly and simply “am I living how I should?” Small talk with Steve is just as important as wiping third world debt. As much as the world gets ruined every day, it also gets saved just as much.


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