Random Bunch ‘o Links

Yep, figured it was time for a collection of links that have been gathering lately, and because I’m psyched for the new series of Doctor Who, a lot of them have a particular linking theme the more eagle-eyed amongst you might spot.

First up – The Doctor Says. The Ever Mighty Tom Baker was employed by British Telecom to be the voice of their ‘text message a landline’ service – basically, if you text a landline, someone will get a call from Tom reading said text. Needless to say, this is open to abuse, like getting Tom to quote Tarantino films or, in a moment of genius, getting him to sing Pulp’s Common People. Forget the future of international communications, this is what the internet was invented for! However, if you don’t like bad language, best not to go to the rest of the site…

Of course, for sci-fi icons singing the hits of Pulp, you can go hear to listen to William Shatner giving it a go. It’s strangely compelling, and you can play it at the top left of that site.

And just because I don’t wanna be the only blog on Earth not to link to it, here’s that life-action Simpsons titles thingy Sky have been using.

But enough of this frivolity, let’s get down to the serious stuff. Doctor Who’s coming back and HERE’S THE TRAILER! Geek head on – the specially shot stuff isn’t as dynamic as last year’s trailers, but the actual show content looks like it’s had the entire country’s licence fee spent on it (and I have no problem with that, as long as they’ve got enough left over to make Hustle, Spooks and Life on Mars as well). I may be biased, but the werewolf and the kung-fu monks look great…

And talking of the Doc (someone may have mentioned him), this advert for Virgin Air (or whatever it’s called) has effectively cast the guy who should take over when David Tennant has completed his triumphant reign.

You know, re-reading this, I’ve realised that I’m a big geek, and this probably explains why I don’t have a girlfriend.

I fill that sad gap with comics though, so it’s not too bad.



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