Let’s go for some good news

Okay, following the last few days, I want to post something positive. I also wanted to appear classy by linking to the Royal Society’s website, but it didn’t work out so go to the BBC and read about that cool ‘lost world’ a group of Conservation International scientists have found in New Guinea. I love the idea that there are parts of the planet that still wait to be discovered. Hopefully we can avoid messing it up.

They should let Sweden help out with it, mainly because it wants to break its reliance on oil. Go Sweden!

And MacGyver’s back! Wooo! Okay, so it’s just a Mastercard advert they made for the Superbowl, and it’s a little disappointing (if you’re going to bring back MacGyver then you need him to do something a little more elaborate with household objects than they did in this advert), but hey – it’s MacGyver! I still believe all those paperclip nuclear reactor-type gigs would work…


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