See the world in green and blue…

Latest addiction – Google Earth. There’s something mesmirising about being able to zoom from space to a satellite picture of your house. Although it’s a little weird that places like Roswell and Loch Ness are, apparently, low definition when I can see the car on my drive…What don’t They want us to see, huh?

It’s fun zipping around places you’ve been to though, and I’m using printed images in the impromptu Sunday School class I’ve had to prepare for tomorrow (all about seeing things from a different – or God’s – perspective, y’see. No-one can say I’m not using technology to its uttermost!), and there’s some utterly redundant part of my brain that finds a strange sort of pleasure in zooming into Antarctica and looking at a completely white screen. Because it’s all snow. Don’t ask me why I do that, it may even be an argument against evolution, but there you  go. I think I’m subconsciously hoping to spot a penguin…


2 thoughts on “See the world in green and blue…

  1. omniguy

    I love google earth, it is an incredible powerful program and yes, it worries me too that certain areas are not defined… still, it’s probably them just propergating the myth a little further to piss of conspiricy theorists lke me. 🙂
    I promise to the best of my knowledge Antarctica is not an argument against evolution… no matter what March of the Penguins might suggest

    1. matthewhyde Post author

      Have you seen the weird markings in the desert North West to Area 51? Although I think Area 51 is a major piece of misdirection, so…
      And Antarctica isn’t an argument against evolution, but the fact that my genes make me stare at a white screen for twenty minutes looking for a penguin may imply that the best genetic material isn’t making its way to my house. It’s all a bit Darwin Awards – “Matthew Hyde was found, starved to death, in front of Google Earth’s Antarctica map. A spokesman said ‘This is a proud day for humanity’s genepool.'”
      Couldn’t find Tunguska or Chernobyl though, for some reason…


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