Double-O Matt


So yeah, that’s me in the middle, wearing a tuxedo-type gig I managed to pick up relatively cheaply in the winter sales. If you need to hire evening wear, don’t go to these fancy posh shops, give me a call. £25.00 a go, it’s yours.

Anyway, apart from looking like Michael Moore at the Oscars, the night was pretty cool. We got totally punked on the quiz, although I bet I was one of the few people to get Superman in the picture round of the quiz (“It’s Marlon Brando! He’s holding a baby! It’s Superman!”), which was very upsetting, considering one of the prizes was a portable DVD player (it would have come in really useful for the flight to Australia). I was hoping there’d’ve been a fancy dress competition. I was going to tell them I was there as Clark Kent, and was wearing a cape under the tux, but that may have involved me proving it, and frankly there was no easy way of blagging it. Just had to act as a grateful loser, or at least the kind of grateful loser who’s trying to figure out how to get a free portable DVD player by the end of the night.

Putting that aside, there was a violinist (classy stuff) and a live band, who were pretty good, even if the set-list did become The Greatest Chick Flick Soundtracks In The World…Ever! This isn’t normally a problem, I guess, but I rocked out when they played ‘Power of Love’ from Back to the Future, so that pretty much shows my bias. What IS Huey Lewis doing nowadays, anyway?

I didn’t dance. That won’t come as a surprise to anyone who knows me offline. I’m not built for dancing. Even though I come from a generation that was supposedly represented by Bez from the Happy Mondays (or whatever indie combo Bez was in ), I can’t even bring myself to dance badly. That’s something of a drawback at this sort of thing, especially when we sat down halfway through the Greek dancing finale of the violinist’s set. I’m probably missing out on something. Maybe that should have been one of my new year’s resolutions – to dance more. That’d be a sight to behold. Worth buying a digital camera for that.

Did see a couple of people I haven’t seen for ages, and that was cool. All in all, it was a good night, and it’s a pretty safe bet we’ll be going again next year. I hope it’s fancy dress next year.

I’ll go as Batman.



2 thoughts on “Double-O Matt

  1. omniguy

    I went as Batman to my halloween party last year. It’s a definate power trip, you feel like you can do anything!!! Then you realise you haven’t got a Batarang 😦

  2. sudge

    Dude, you gotta go as superman! I dressed as Superman for a charity thing in work recently, and I have to say, having a red cape may be the best experience of my life. I was just waiting for a shoplifter…..
    THe pic isnt working! Maybe its just my comp though, I’ll jigger about with it.
    Infinite Crisis 4 – Good Lord! I am loving this. Even if it is a bloodfest.


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