Resolutions Update

So, I’ve had to amend one of my NYE resolutions. I said I was going to learn Spanish. Well, after studying hard the current geopolitical context, in association with socio-economic trends, especially in terms of the growth of European influence and an increase in the need for transnational and cross-border co-operation within my field of education, I’ve decided that I should, in fact, learn French.

This has nothing to do with the fact that the Independent gave me a free ‘Learn French’ book and CD over the weekend.

Au revoir!


4 thoughts on “Resolutions Update

  1. tipperary

    yay! french is a cool language to speak,wish i could do more than the bare essentials myself.
    sorry i didnt get to the pub before i left for aberdeen. was too much going on at home. will see you before you know it though!


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