Fashion Tips

So, next Saturday I’m going to this event. Which is really nice, except…

I’ve had to buy a tuxedo.

I haven’t tried it on yet, possibly because I’ll end up looking like a Bond villain. I don’t do suits if I can help it. I’d never wear them if people didn’t die or get married. Even at work I avoid it – shirt and tie, yeah, but I roll my sleeves up to make it look like I do hard, tough, manual work. Or at least computer maintenance.

We are in with a good chance with the film quiz though. That’s one of my areas of expertise. I can’t do division in my head, or turn wood, or pass a driving test, but I can store a worrying amount of movie trivia in my brain. I suspect it’s pushing out the useful stuff, like the ability to socially interact with women. Anyway, the downside of next Saturday is having to wear a tuxedo, the up-side is the possibility of winning a prize.

I may also be going to Australia, which would rule beyond all ruling…


3 thoughts on “Fashion Tips

  1. sudge

    Movie trivia is usefule! where would we be without being able to quote Superman: The movie beginning to end? one “I like pink very much” and she’s yours 😉
    Tuxedos are cool. I may get one for the next club noir. I’d also like a guitar case with a tommy gun in it.

    1. matthewhyde Post author

      “Who are you?”
      “I’m here to help!”
      “Cool, do the washing up…”
      If Conner doesn’t make it through Identity Crisis, we’re going to need that tommy gun…
      (Note to law enforcement – that was a JOKE…)


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