The Shout-Out Post

So, yesterday’s post was a bit maudlin. I say ‘a bit’. Frankly it probably made some people put the Samaritans on speed-dial. As a way of balancing this out, I want to do a few shout-outs to a few people, spread some positivity and just generally express a little gratitude.

Firstly, to my Live Journal friends list, in strictly alphabetical order. It’s a very short list, and to the unseen millions who read this blog, yes, that’s a hint for you to write one yourself!

– this man nearly died trying to get me a date once. One of us will have to post that story when we get five minutes.

– makes me realise exactly how little I know about theology.

– one day, we’re gonna be ruling DC Comics.

– living the travellin’ man dream…

Shout out also to email and message board-only friends – Rian, Sean, Neil, Vanessa and Amy. Thanks for putting up with a guy who is very bad at keeping on top of his email. And to everyone on my MSN Messenger list too.

And go Paul, who keeps getting me to go to Madrid and stuff. Andy’s involved in that sort of thing too.

Big up the Five Ways twenties group! And Five Ways in general! And the Gornal and Sedgley Methodist Circuit, just to be a completist.

The Doctor Who team, for restoring my favourite TV show and giving me a reason to support the licence fee.

And to the following churches, who have absolutely no idea who I am: Jacob’s Well, Cedar Ridge, Rock Harbour, Imago Dei, Ecclesia, Sutton Vineyard and Mars Hill. I’ve been trying to get my mind around some fairly significant religious issues, and the ’emergent’ movement seems to be helping scratch that itch, and the online resources offered by these guys have really helped. So shout out to them.

And to everyone else out there. Be happy. Or at least get the next 24 hours out the way, avoid NYE, and then be happy…


4 thoughts on “The Shout-Out Post

  1. sudge

    Happy New Year mate!
    We will rule DC comics with a fair and just hand. A hand that will smite hal jordan with a thousand poxes of the genitals.
    I’m glad I met you Matt, you’re a good man and a good friend. Take care


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