Thanks BBC

“Thousands of people die miserable deaths alone, uncared for and in poverty, figures suggest.”

Well, thank you BBC. I needed that as I stand here on the edge of a new year. New Year always sucks, because it just highlights how lonely you are (all around you, people hug and kiss at the stroke of midnight, while us single types stand there and cry. And then there’s the reviews of the year – “What was your 2005 like?” Well, it was better than 2004 (couldn’t be much worse, frankly), but not aspiring to the heights of, say, 1977.

I’m going to be more positive before Sunday. I swear. I’m just not happy, what with Ceefax pointing out that dying alone isn’t just a random paranoia that strikes me roughly every two months or so, but a distinct statistical possibility. I suppose I could cheer myself up by listening to the newly-released ‘In Case Of Nuclear War, Play This’ broadcasts, which accompany the revelation that, in the event of the apocalypse, art treasures would be evacuated to Wales, but the civilian population would be left to play Spot the A-Bomb. Great planning, Harold Wilson. In the aftermath you could sit there admiring the Elgin Marbles, ruling a population of dead people and radioactive mutants. Good thinking, Batman.

In happier news, I watched Revenge of the Sith today. My sister got it me on DVD for Christmas. That cheered me up. When Anakin got caught up in that lava…Man, that cheered me up!


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