Rest in Peace John Spencer, Leo McGarry in The West Wing. Mr Spencer, 58, passed away yesterday following a heart attack. Leo was one of the highlights of The West Wing, particularly the friendship between him and President Bartlet. Although the series has gone through some major changes over the last couple of seasons, Mr. Spencer will be missed.

Not much happening here – had our Christmas meal from work yesterday, which was nice. Sometimes it’s only at social gatherings like these that make you realise that you actually work with quite a cool group of people.

There are only a couple of people who read this blog that will appreciate the animation at this link, but what the heck, it makes as much sense as Infinite Crisis itself…Go to www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/272710 and watch the movie. The outcome’s better than DC Countdown

(Comic fans, please note. It’s not that I hate Infinite Crisis or anything, it’s just that the new DCU is being built on the corpses of my favourite second stringers and that makes me sad. And depressed. And maybe a little psychotic.)



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