Random Rants

First of all, go here.

Second of all, I can’t get a driving test before Christmas. I’m not happy about this. Have to keep looking for a cancellation 😦

Third of all, Lord May of Oxford has spoken out against the threat posed to science by resurgent fundamentalism. I don’t want to get into the literal truth of Genesis vs its symbolic truth, which is a debate that colours all aspects of the ‘Conflict Thesis’ between science and religion. What bugs me is the fact that fundamentalists have got so caught up in a religion that is coloured as much by politics and consumerism as it is the Bible that it’s now actively threatening future generations. It annoys me because I see the early chapters of Genesis pointing to the wonder and an underlying coolness to nature, a nature that we’re both a part of (gotta love those ecosystems!) and stewards of (because we’ve shown that, as a species, we’re pretty good at screwing it up). I don’t see stewardship as being abusive – let’s face it, no-one would pee in their own kettle, why do the same to their planet? I guess we’re back to the parable of the talents again. We’re responsible for what we do to all that we’re left in charge of.

And, of course, there’s a moral component to science as well as to fundamentalism. The technology and the discoveries that have lead to the environmental problems we’re experiencing now? The legacy of the Industrial Revolution, and the changes in worldview that accompanied it – there are long-term ethical issues with pretty much any far reaching discovery, and I guess now we’ve figured out what some of those issues are. The main difference between the scientists and the fundamentalists is that scientists have realised they’ve now got to be part of the solution…It’s time now for the fundamentalists to realise the same.

PS. This is for – the trailer for the new season of 24. If the women in the white top is Chloe, I swear, I saw her first…


4 thoughts on “Random Rants

  1. sudge

    I read about the child abductions in Uganda in yesterday’s metro. Children the age of my little sister being abducted as either sex slaves or soldiers.
    Its like you said in your previous post. There is a line. Someone or something approaches that line, we have to say “No. No farther.” Call it facist if you want, call it international policing. I dont care. There is right, and there is wrong, and there is absolutely no defence for whats going on in Uganda. All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing….

    1. matthewhyde Post author

      It’s a terrifying situation, isn’t it? I’ve written to Jack Straw, but it doesn’t feel like much, you know? I know they compare campaigns like Oxfam’s to the dripping of water on stone eventually creating the Grand Canyon, but it doesn’t feel fast enough…
      Then again, I think I’m coming to realise that a large part of this is not living like the guy with the biggest or the smallest gun, but not needing a gun in the first place…

      1. andy_dickens

        i could try to be intelectual
        but all i can say is whhhhhhoooooooooooooooooo jack is back baby.
        Sorry 😦 i didn’t even read the rest of the post :s

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